Review on PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Feeder

Definitely one of the top selling automatic dog feeder in the market, this one is unique, sophisticated and easy to operate. Fashioned out of a simple yet elegant design, the product is equipped with a conveyor belt that ensures optimum portion control for your little buddy. If you are one of those lazy parents who find it hard to wake up early morning or in the middle of the night to feed your hungry dog, say hello to this automatic dog feeder by PetSafe. The good thing about this dog feeding machine is that it works both, for dry and semi-moist food.
It offers a diverse range of modes and possibilities of customization. You can schedule your dog’s meals with greater flexibility. If your pet eats tiny portions throughout the day, PetSafe is here to the rescue. This dog feeder can offer up to twelve meals for an entire day, each meal ranging from one-eighth of a cup to four cups, depending on your dog’s eating capacity.
As the name suggests, PetSafe automatic dog feeder has been specially designed for safety. It has an option of slow feed motion. On this mode, the food is dispensed slowly over the course of fifteen minutes. This helps in avoiding gulping because it leads to choking and bloating. Pets like cats and dogs usually tend to eat quickly if ample food is available. They also tend to overeat if unrestricted food supply is available. That is why programmable automatic dog feeders have become widely popular against gravitational feeders.
Another key benefit which makes this product highly compatible and recommendable is its LCD screen feature. This LCD screen allows easy five button programming which can be understood and operated by anyone. It comes with a semi-translucent dispenser and hopper so that one can view food level easily. Its bowl is made out of the stainless steel which makes it hygienic. Stainless steel prevents bacterial accumlation due to your dog’s saliva. It can be easily dismantled and washed. The bowl has the capacity to hold five cups of dry food for a single portion. Overall, the design is solid and cannot be tipped by your little pup. Made out of BPA-fee plastic, it is least toxic. The automatic dog feeder can either be charged from power adapter or 4 D batteries. However, it is usually recommended to use batteries because pets tend to chew on power adaptor wire. Over all, it is a sophisticated design and is widely popular because it is simple, sleek and user-friendly.